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When it comes to high-quality wood cabinets, whether cherry, oak, maple or more, the assumption is that while it looks incredible, it's far too expensive and not worth the cost. But guess what? You're wrong!


With Mercer Woodworking & Kitchens Inc, you can have your wood cabinets and for cheap too. Because there is no middleman and the work is done right here by our team, you pay no premium that other companies charge. And not only that, you can have a number of modern features with your cabinetry, such as soft closing doors and drawers.  


Enlist us to for both expert craftsmanship and installation, with precise fitting and sturdy attachment.

Affordable quality since '55

An unquestioned upgrade

Your beautiful custom cabinetry


When you want to make an improvement in your home, you go big or go... well, home.


But you shouldn't have to pay the price for wanting the best. That's why you'll find the best craftsmanship at the best prices at Mercer Woodworking & Kitchens.


If you have something in mind, let's talk about it. You can have us build your custom wood cabinets with any modern feature that fits perfectly and lasts a lifetime.


Let's get started today!

Faux hardwood and other materials have become more commonplace in today's homes and businesses. While there may be benefits, typically cost, they pale in comparison to natural hardwood. The key is finding a place the gives you great prices.

You have probably come to expect to choose between top quality work, products and prices you like.


But at Mercer Woodworking & Kitchens, you'll undoubtedly find the best of both worlds, because we've learned how to provide you with great service and quality from over 5 decades of experience.

It's not just about the looks though. Did we mention the beauty of real hardwood in the house?


Discover more kitchen space by  working with our experts to design your cabinets to maximize your kitchen real estate.

Not sure about how you could get such high-quality cabinets for affordable prices?


Call us today and get a FREE estimate and start designing your new woodworking and kitchen!

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